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'FOUS DE LA MER' ... 'Cinq'

With their new album 'Cinq' they once more revive French Chansons with the facets of chill-out, dub, gentle breakbeats, relaxed trance passages and small excursions into more exotic areas. Openness to the world is the sound of 'Cinq' written in the sand. Mediterranean piano ballads ('Luz', 'Am»lie Regardant l'Oc»an') coexist naturally along-side pop summer songs ('Soledad', 'Within The Stars') and experimental Balearic instrumental hymns ('Fish in The Vegan World' and the wonderful 'Pink Flamingos'). If you look at the stunning vocals of Argentine singer Sol Ruiz de Galarreta it is also hardly surprising that feelings of J-Pop ('Soledad') are being recalled.

This impression is intensified especially by contributions of guest vocalists Betty Steeles, who already carved out real fame for herself in London's world-class music scene by her collaborations including a couple of indie-hits and who delivers one of the strongest tracks with her brilliant song 'I'm Not Hollow', as well as the contribution by Jean-Charles' London based son, who is playing there with an underground indie outfit and can be heard on the dreamy pop song 'Where You Belong'.

The lyrics on 'Cinq' move just as playful through the band's various places of origin as the musical style. Whether Spanish, French or English, for 'Fous De La Mer' no limits seem to exist. Acoustic instruments blend with handpicked electronic sounds to a soundfull of depth and longing. And that is why the pieces work as well in the living room, as they do with a cocktail under the Ibizan sun.

This way, 'Fous De La Mer' always manage to generate new hubs by unexpected collaborations with friends and artists from different genres, but at the end still deliver a surprising, but still typical 'Fous De La Mer' song.

'Fous De La Mer': Chill Out with attitude...




1. Luz
2. I'm Not Hollow
3. Soledad
4. Le Grand Pacifique
5. Where You Belong
6. Within The Stars
7. Danse Des Méduses
8. Le Vent Qui Parle
9. Fish In The Vegan World
10. Talk To Me
11. Pink Flamingos
12. All These Years (Markus Lipp Remix)
13. Amélie Regardant L'Océan

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unreleased & remixed vol. 2

1. Cielo Azul feat. Sol Galarreta
2. Le Navigateur Solitaire feat. Adilia da Silva Sousa & Fou
3. Volver A Despertar (Time To Wake Up) (Markus Lipp Remix)
4. All I Need (Sol Galarreta's Acoustic Version)

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unreleased & remixed vol. 1

1. For A Long Time feat. Sol Galarreta
2. Cielo Azul feat. Sol Galarreta (Ibiza Full Moon Remix)
3. Conmigo feat. Sol Galarreta (Noom Café Remix)
4. Love After Love

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reggatta de bleu

1. My Rich Girl
2. Time To Wake Up (Volver A Despertar)
3. A.n.o.t.h.e.r L.o.v.e. S.o.n.g.
4. Say It
5. All Around The World
6. All I Need
7. Reggatta De Bleu
8. Tu Es Mon Ange
9. Balanceando Mis Caderas
10. All We Need Is Love
11. No Fun Without You
12. Nuages

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all we need is love

1. All We Need Is Love
2. No Fun Without You (Ibiza Mix)
3. Nuages (Instrumental)
4. All We Need Is Love (Kengo Club Mix)
5. All We Need Is Love (Markus Lipps's Satellite Mix)
6. Bigger Love (Dub Mix)

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all i need

1. All I Need
2. Balanceandos Mis Caderas (Salinas Beach Mix)

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01 Bossaliday (Tudo Vai e Vem)
02 Así Vas (Acoustic Version)
03 Conmigo (Acoustic Version)
04 Solo pa' Ti (Instrumental)
05 Never Stop Loving (English Acoustic Version)
06 Ultramar (Acoustic Version)
07 The Night Is Still Young (Tokyo wa yoru no shichiji)
08 Bigger Love
09 Coco Verde
10 Spinaker (Instrumental)
11 Tu Mirada (Acoustic Version)
12 Triste (Soft Electro Mix)

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change the world | online release

01 I'd Love to Change the World
02 Triste
03 The End Is Nice (Un Final Feliz)
04 Asi Vas (Black Magnet Mix

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01 Asi Vas (The End Is Nice)
02 Esse Sonho
03 All These Years
04 Ocean 22e
05 Watersong
06 Clairs De Lune
07 Aguas Blancas
08 Ultramar
09 Love Victims
10 Luces
11 Vue Sous La Mer
12 Ode à l´ Amour

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watersongs 1 | vinyl
2006 (release 09.06)

01 Groovecatcher Remix
02 Pepper Pistol Remix
03 Jerome Ismae Remix

watersongs 2 | vinyl
2006 (release 09.06)

04 Klanggarten Remix
05 Elmar Schubert Remix
06 Glissando Bros Remix

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stars and fishes

01 Conmigo
02 Stars & Fishes
03 Never Stop Loving
04 Vue sur la Mer
05 Cosmic Lullaby
06 As I Look Around
07 The Real Shanti
08 Le Rêve Est Mort
09 Tu Mirada
10 Waiting For The Sun

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never stop loving | vinyl

01 Never Stop Loving (Redfox Remix)
02 Never Stop Loving (Shamlou Remix)
03 Never Stop Loving (Glissando Bros. Remix)
04 Never Stop Loving (Original)

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fous de la mer are marko bussian and jean-charles vandermynsbrugge feat. sol ruiz de galarreta,
clair dietrich, özlem cetin and many more artists.

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