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On brand new album SEVEN (release October 12th, 2018) FOUS DE LA MER present music that captures both the ear and heart. Fifteen years in and the Ibiza-based duo Marko Bussian and Jean-Charles Vandermynsbrugge have produced a mixture of vocal and instrumental tracks that are sure to move and groove, with a number of guest vocalists sharing their talents on a balearic downtempo record with subtle influences from across the musical globe.
FOUS DE LA MER still knows exactly how to catch ear and heart.

Opening track HEARTBEAT sets the fresh vocals of British singer-songwriter Betty Steeles to luscious strings, prismatic chimes and a pulsing heartbeat. Rising star Amberay brings a sultry style to MAGIC. She entrancingly expresses the pure joy of existence, and like so many of the best pop songs, the melody remains in the ear. The beautifully haunting oriental-style melodies of GOODBYE LAWRENCE fold into each other over blissed-out drums. The pace picks up slightly in SEVEN where trance-like percussion flourish on mantric bass and classical guitar add delicate hints of sunshine. FOUS DE LA MER´s regular voice Sol Ruiz De Galarreta shimmers over a tantalising electronic music on SER UN MAR, while the quiet defiance in the lyrics over a hangdrum melody of CHOOSE MY LOVE are spoken with grace by Betty Steeles. Mizz Martinez’s soulful vocals effortlessly manage to combine the intimate with the eternal in JUST FREE, while playful piano lines pave the way for Atlanta Frith’s sensuous vocals in COSMIC SEA. Deep bass and epic synths combine powerfully with a driving beat in ONE WAY TO FREEDOM. Eastern Oud melodies over balearic harmonies in the tranquil balm of LOVE & SPARKS provide the perfect landing for this big-hearted oceanic album.

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